Bien Sûr

Was at the Office of the Auditor General, 1983-1984. At the time, language training provided by the office. Available to anyone who wanted to attend, in circumstances where the classes were part of the earlier or later work day. No sending away to some language school. Plus, no pressure. If you wanted, it was there.

Wanted to work in French. Interest going back to law school, when started reading French jurisprudence based on thought of maybe doing civil law degree, as well as common law degree, then exclusively available in English.

So started to speak French. Making the same mistakes as those when French to English. The more one tries, the less the mistakes.

Had a co-worker, side-by-side. He was learning more English: I was learning more French. Spoke to him in French and he spoke to me in English. We both had our lists of words to remember. Compared and discussed the lists. With a view to getting to where, at least with most of the words on our lists, we didn’t have to remember.

Quite Canadian, bien sûr.

So when somebody says
Maybe sometime


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