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When do we know…

…the egocentric likes to feel part of a team of conspirators against “the others”. This often ends up with one team being pitted against another. It is very difficult for such managers to deal with themselves and for subordinates to … Continue reading

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In March of this year, Loblaws announced that it would build 50 new stores and renovate 100 more, at a cost of $1.2 billion, in 2015. In July, Loblaws announced that it would close 52 “consistently unprofitable” stores over the … Continue reading

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Wonder about so many women with religious callings who have reservations, since the call may not be fulfilled. The prohibition against a female acting as a priest in a Catholic service, even if having made similar religious vows as a … Continue reading

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Slap, Stand II

Have written about teacher violence in primary school. Didn’t appreciate how much worse it could get in rural areas, during the 1960s (and ending when?) Friend told me about a childhood in a one room schoolhouse, where the teacher seemed … Continue reading

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Books seem to be behaving in a different way. I think they play a different role in our lives. Heather Reisman, 2014, “Indigo still a ‘huge believer in books’” News that sales of electronic books, such as via Kindle, are … Continue reading

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Wondering about standardized testing in Ontario. Then find out that standardized tests are used in grades 3, 6 and 9 to measure math and literacy skills. No specific science focus, it appears. Plus, the tests are optional for private schools … Continue reading

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Was going to call him “distant cousin”, in that I don\t see him that often. Exclusively at family gatherings or funerals; no social relationship otherwise. One of the sons of Uncle Jim, who was the brother of Uncle Wally. Lots … Continue reading

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Billy Joe Royal: The Truth Is I Lied

When I said I don’t love you The truth is I lied Billy Joe Royal. Known for “Down In The Boondocks“, from 1965, among other hits from that period, he kept recording. Resurgence of career in the 1980s. Such as … Continue reading

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Student Stagehook II

Wrote about the student stagehook. The unfairness of website anonymity. Sometimes an instructor will challenge this anonymous world. Such as here, where professors read out the “Rate My Professors” website comments:

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Stained Glass

The former St. Clement. Where traditional Latin Mass continued to be celebrated. Now sold to developer, to be converted to student residences. Spoke with one of the onsite people. Said they had a basement full of stained glass images. Didn’t … Continue reading

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