German soldiers execute Communist, 1919

Found this photo, on Rare Historical Photos. Didn’t appreciate these events in Germany, immediately post-World War I. Wondered if it had been staged. Persuasive view that it was. Still, it appears to have been a very unsettling time in Germany in 1919, during a particular time of the Freikorps, described as follows:

Freikorps were paramilitary groups that first appeared in December 1918 in the wake of Germany’s defeat in World War I. Composed of ex-soldiers, unemployed youth, and other discontents and led by ex-officers and other former military personnel they proliferated all over Germany in the spring and summer of 1919

Disbanded in 1920. Precursors to the Nazis. Ernst Rohm getting his post-World War I start in the Freikorps. And Communists were executed in Germany in 1919. And, for a short time, there was a Bavarian Socialist Republic.


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