Ghost of Commerce

Montreal 1

When an instructor at Concordia University, 1987-1992, did not venture out into the city much. Felt it was unfair to family, to develop any sort of social life, while away. So stayed around the Guy Metro Building and, later, around the former Loyola College, and Sherbrooke and West Broadway.

Have been in Montreal on occasions over the past couple of years, in the context of hearings. Stay closer to the bus station, and walk to the hearing location, in the Federal Court Building at the end of McGill Street. Walk through Old Montreal as a consequence.

See all this magnificent architecture, from an era of commerce long gone. When they closed shop, it seemed that commerce was not replaced by commerce. Commerce getting replaced by condo or restaurant.

Wondering why commerce moved away, to another part of the city. In Toronto, while much of lower Yonge Street is similar–former bank building turned into some fast food joint–there is still the impression on Bay Street of the history of commerce, eomplemented by successor commerce. In Montreal, most seemed to have moved somewhere else.

So one walks along these streets, with all of this powerful stonemasonry, and imagines who was walking along these streets some fifty or eighty years ago. When did it end? How quickly?

Montreal 2

So what did this symbolize, and for how long…

Montreal 3


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