Secondary, Primary II

Discussed how a secondary character in a film or TV series ends up assuming a primary role. The essence of the film or TV series becomes intertwined with this particular character. Wrote about this in relation to Ian Hart, playing Don Conkey, the schizophrenic paparazzo in Dirt:

Seems similar with Leon Rippy, playing Earl, the Angel, in the Saving Grace television series.

Second season promo:

Longer clip, with different music overlay:

And as Leon Rippy explained in an interview:

I think it’s by far the most important work that I’ve ever done. Throughout my career I’ve been a little part of many stories, but never have I had a role that I truly believe in my heart and soul has the ability to affect people’s lives.

Another series that could have continued, built around what was originally a secondary character.

Though Saving Grace was successful in its own right, it was cancelled because it wasn’t successful enough.

Am I gaining ground
Am I losing face
Have I lost and found
My saving grace


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