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Another Take: Canadian Bank Mergers, Rescues, Failures

Discovered Marie Hélène Noiseux doctoral thesis, 2002. Some similar lines to dissertation, in terms of regulation and impression management. See pages 131 to 159. Also similar lines to dissertation, in terms of no apparent publications from the thesis. Still…

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Wondered what it said about coming across old files and then putting up unpublished articles from thirty years ago, as here, here and here, or a non-academic publication from the same period, as here. Belief that the ideas still have … Continue reading

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Equitable Damages

Equitable compensation is different from common law damages for breach of contract or tort because it attempts, with money, to make restitution to the injured party and is not fettered by the common law doctrines of forseeability and remoteness. So … Continue reading

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Chartered Conceptual Framework

Have had this idea since the mid-1980s, in relation to conceptual framework initiatives in financial accounting. These initiatives, intended to codify the first principles in accounting, seemed to be comparable to the establishment of a Charter of Rights or a … Continue reading

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David Blue: Atlanta Farewell

I’ve got to tell them That you take it Wherever you go Wrote about him previously, in relation to another song, “Turning Towards You”, from the same album. Turns out that others have similar appreciations. Universal theme; cover standard that … Continue reading

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Used to be a highly successful mall, I guess. Lots of stores needing business now. The expanded store site in the parking lot now abandoned. Then found, at the back, that at one time there must have been much more … Continue reading

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Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic: Misdescription

War intervened in love — that’s the problem. In such situations, the laws of love do not exist. Only the laws of war. Zijo Ismic, father of Admira Ismic, 2013. From Gordana Sandic-Hadzihasanovic, “Twenty Years On: The Unfinished Lives Of … Continue reading

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Burdens of Proof in Accounting Standards

Started to develop this in 1987: 87 Conference Paper – Burdens of Proof in CICA Handbook Paper presented at conference of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association. As a fake professor at the time, needed guidance as to follow-up, and didn’t. … Continue reading

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Not Many Is Not Enough II

Have previously written about the comparatively low numbers of qualified professional accountants who hold public office. Thought about this in when coming across a submission made in 1985 to Financial Post Magazine. Rejected by Paul Rush, though without discouragement. Paper … Continue reading

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Oliver Platt: Huff

Have written here and here about how a series supporting character could have been turned into a lead role, when it came time to either reconfigure or cancel the series. Another example: Oliver Platt in Huff, which starred Hank Azaria, … Continue reading

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