Hotel of Sparrows

Stayed at this hotel where, every morning, hundreds of sparrows were all around. In the trees and on the roof. Lots of nests being made in both places. Complete silence by dusk to dark, and then the community conversation recommencing the next day. Geese would drop by, to see what was going on.

Wondered what caused birds to be attracted to certain urban locales. Turns out that others have asked the same question; no surprise. Some research tried to make the point that urban birds were more intelligent, but the evidence is weak. Instead, there is stronger evidence that urban birds tend to be generalists in habitat, seed eaters and inclined to nest above ground. It is pointed out that birds have been around longer than people, so urban areas are still newer to them. Yet sparrows are disappearing from many urban areas, with the explanation being a decline in insects. Thought it was the seeds that kept them around. Maybe more fortunate than thought, to see so many settled around a particular hotel.

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