Down The Mountain

Climbing out of open windows
Crashing down from broken stairs
Keeping watch on smoking cinders
Falling over burning chairs

Some not stopping the falldown. How easy it is to simply descend. Going down the mountain and not seeing the branch. Or, if seeing, not reaching for it. Caught by introspective exaggeration.

No lessons from survivors. Comes from within. Or from without. Stopping the fall turns to no one else.

Speech reduced by poor relations

Drum solo as the grasp:

Spark plugs burned out
Power’s fused


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One Response to Down The Mountain

  1. On June 13, 2015, Gerry Wand commented as follows, in relation to the drumming of B.J. Wilson, whose solo is featured in the second clip:

    He sure sat low in the saddle. He probably listened to some of the same drummers Mitch Mitchell did back then, drummers such as Buddy Rich and Elvin Jones–great jazz and big band drummers. I had no idea he was on Joe Cocker’sWith A Little Help From My Friends” track . That was a great arrangement with really dynamic drumming. One of my favorite tracks

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