Language of The Law II

Wrote about how it seemed reasonable that to practice law, one should have a mastery of either or both Official Languages of Canada. Attitudes seem to be changing. Extract from recent correspondence from an lawyer, assessed as duly qualified to practice law in Ontario:

Please be advised that we have been retained by Mr. X for the purpose of filing defense for Mrs. X application for annulment of marriage.

In the last days, my client receive real threats to his life from Mrs. X…that was used by her to thereat my client. The information and the evidence will be transferred to the relevant authority in case that the threats will continue.

…Should your client would like to deliver any information to my client please do so through my office…

In my view, should this be reflective of the quality of pleadings before a Court, a Judge would have a right, out of respect for the judicial process, to decline to accept the document, pending revision into a correct form, in terms of spelling and grammar, of either Official Language of Canada. This is not a self-represented applicant, but someone who has obtained a law degree and been admitted to the Bar of Ontario.

On the other hand, would such judicial action be viewed as evidencing insensitivity to equity? Where is the equity issue, since background and education are not disclosed, if not known?


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