Have a friend who downloads from the library. No need to borrow the physical book.

There was a time when one of the first things one would look for in someone’s home was the bookshelves, to see what had been read, or wished to be read, or pretended to be read.

Same with music. What was the record, tape or CD collection.

All these places filled with things.

Was in the collective house in 1972-1973, and had arrived there with very little. Few books or records. Found it refreshing. Little piled, and little to organize. Little desire to accumulate.

People less needing of a tactile experience. No need to purchase a CD, to review the cover and credits while listening. Download specific songs, or simply stream.

No need to physically turn a page. Kindle life.

No sense of identity as referenced to what one can see or touch.

All in the mind, and out of the mouth.

Comfort in not having much, and not needing much.

Electronic hoarding being far more organized.

And my friend has a lot of art on her walls.


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