List and Filter

There was a time, at least through the 1970s, when law firms actively sought particular law students, rather than there being a more formalized selection process of law students in a general applicant pool for articling positions.

At the University of Ottawa at the time, in the Common Law Section, the large Toronto firms would seek the opinion of Dr. Hayek, who taught Commercial Law. He would send them his list. They would contact those on the list, who would be invited to interviews.

Was on the list. Was contacted. Went to the interviews. Incapable of putting a new face on.

They all saw it right away. Maybe has an intelligence, but the personality is not there. Or, at least not suitable for the major play environment.

Be oneself, and be properly rejected. Rejection directing one to the path most suitable.

Have spent most of professional life in smaller to medium-sized firms.

No shredded face in the towers. Look in the mirror and asking who did I become.

Know instead, in terms of is and always was.


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