Taken Aside II

Wrote about some direct and helpful advice received in first year law school. Seems that this is a rare benefit. People more inclined to offer direction, if at all, more indirectly. Started out as fake professor with bent self-image of such a great gift to and good fortune for the students. Going out on solo path, with little reference to or discussion with those who had done these courses many times before.

Called into colleague’s office. He started to ask a few questions, and was met with long-winded, self-justificatory and self-congratulatory answers. He ended the meeting with a question: “So you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong?”

Was doing lots of things wrong. Would have benefited more, or at least remembered more carefully, had the question been more of a statement: “Based on my experience here, you are doing a lot of things wrong, and you are limiting your future as a consequence.”

Hard, direct and far more helpful. Greater potential for conflict, but also greater potential for gratitude and change.

Instead, the “I AM the university” continued…


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