Ross Archibald

Neil Remington Abramson forwarded an article to me, in relation to a forthcoming award for Ivey emeritus accounting professor Ross Archibald. The article says in part:

Ivey Professor Emeritus Ross Archibald will be honored next month for his contributions in research and advocacy to financial executives and the financial community at large.

Neil commented as follows:

My Management Accounting and Control professor at Western was Ross Archibald. He could make it sound like any of us could actually do accounting. Showed up at our first exam wearing a tee shirt that said “debits on the right, credits on the left.”

We loved the guy.

Used to see him at Mustangs games in a muskrat coat, with pennant.

Great teacher, especially for someone starting accounting with no hope!! Gave me a straight B – a fine grade in those days. I only got 3 A’s and made honour roll. I was sure lucky to have him as my accounting prof. Going into the MBA, accounting was the required class I worried most about.

He cried when he said goodbye to us the last class. Very moving. He was sorry he wouldn’t see most of us again, he said, as I recall.

He’s a great teacher. That’s mostly all I know.

Oh and he was related to the Neilsons, as I recall. He’d distribute their chocolate bars at exams.

You and I both know that it is great compliment even just to be remembered as a great teacher a year later, let alone more than 25 years after. My class with Archibald was in 1987-88. I still vividly remember him with appreciation.


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