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IASB China

Sometimes wonder why China, which could be setting its own accounting standards for the foreseeable future, supports International Financial Reporting Standards, as established by the International Accounting Standards Board. The ultimate power to set accounting standards, which is a legislative … Continue reading

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Have a friend with the same predisposition towards self-constructed disgrace, and with similar triggers. He ended up with a gift of scotch, from one of his old friends who either couldn’t remember or never knew. No possibility of measured sippage. … Continue reading

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Lucky Dog

Met an old friend, not seen for some time. Approaching 60 and married for decades, he has become sex crazy. Gimme that blue pill. Four hours, dontcha know. All this, you lucky dog, with the younger one, he said. You … Continue reading

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To the side

Was travelling down Highway 7 to a Toronto area hearing. Had not travelled road in some time. Very few places to stop between Ottawa and Madoc. So many closed businesses at the side of the road. Turns out that this … Continue reading

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Victims Here

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): The nun says he (the Boston bomber) is sorry and shouldn’t receive the death penalty. His lawyers sent her, because he wouldn’t come himself. He didn’t testify and say he was … Continue reading

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Hotel of Sparrows

Stayed at this hotel where, every morning, hundreds of sparrows were all around. In the trees and on the roof. Lots of nests being made in both places. Complete silence by dusk to dark, and then the community conversation recommencing … Continue reading

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No rage in the cage

Friend spoke to me about how she did it. Always calm, always pleasant; ready laugh. I do it because I know that those who don’t lose control are more respected than any raging professional I have ever met. Some people … Continue reading

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She said after the sex, they seem so vulnerable. And then they grow so cold. And then they help you less than a casual friend. Said I know that feeling.

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Down The Mountain

Climbing out of open windows Crashing down from broken stairs Keeping watch on smoking cinders Falling over burning chairs Some not stopping the falldown. How easy it is to simply descend. Going down the mountain and not seeing the branch. … Continue reading

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As here and here. Fais pas l’fou: 1987: Certain…

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