Comes Out

Colleague had an idea about a current direction in the law. Was wondering if certain superior court decisions, developing a particular line, had been necessary at all, given existing jurisprudential approaches available to address the issue.

Talked to him about writing as it comes out of one’s head. Make sense of it later. The rough ideas that later take shape, but how important it is to get the rough ideas out quickly, with as much as one can attach.

This was the story of the dissertation. Could be the story of many novels. Could also be the story of many books not written, where the first rough ideas don’t get out. If not in circumstances where writing is easy, talk it out, via some form of recording device. Turn one’s cellphone on oneself, and simply talk. Beauty of current electronic world being the ease of getting the ideas down.

People so readily short-changing.

Say I have nothing to say.
Say my memories not important to anyone.
Say my legacy has no listener.

Yet when they start to talk…

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