Southern Saskatchewan: Cancel The Curvature

In relation to “Les Fransaskois“, Neil Remington Abramson commented on southern Saskatchewan, as follows (reproduced with permission):

The land is as flat as a billiard table. The horizon is a thin straight line, separating land and sky. Telephone poles rear up like toothpicks into the majestic sky that dominates all sight lines with towering clouds, and staggeringly beautiful sunrises and sunsets that tint the entire heavens above one’s head. Truly, it is God’s country, for those who have eyes (ayes).

The land in southern Saskatchewan is much flatter than around Saskatoon, where it is more rolling. When you drive to Moose Jaw from Regina, you can see it coming almost the whole 35km or so. It’s on a bit of a rise, and it’s like the normal earth curvature has been temporarily cancelled.


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