Rascals Ghost

The Rascals seem to be prone to ongoing internecine warfare. For years, there seemed to be conflicts over what could be the “official” Rascals website, so there was none. Then they reunited in late 2012, for the first time in 40 years, and lasted for the better part of a year. A series of continuing Broadway shows, scheduled for 2014, were suddenly cancelled, and the original group didn’t tour at all in 2014. And then, in 2015, plans for a 50th anniversary tour collapsed.

Problem seems to be the relationship among organist and vocalist Felix Cavaliere, drummer Dino Danelli and guitarist Gene Cornish. The other Rascals vocalist, Eddie Brigati, seems to be largely away from the conflict, quite happy to perform when everybody else has calmed down.

Basic problem seems to be that many of the Rascals hits were sung by Cavaliere, with a distinctive voice and keyboard ability, who also developed a solo career that seemed to eclipse, at points, the other band members.

When it comes time to reunite, and when there is significant public interest, suddenly there is no group of equals. Those being treated less equally end up saying no go.

The band wasn’t solely Felix Cavaliere. The band was closely identified with its four founding members. Dino Danelli’s drumming style was and remains groundbreaking. Gene Cornish added much to the guitar in their biggest hit, “Good Lovin'”.

One result: people seeming to fight each other as to what goes up on Youtube. Have tried multiple times to reference some later Rascals material–in particular, the song “Timw Will Tell”. Here is how things look, after nearly five years of YouTube up and down. Best I can find now is a cover:

The article from 2011:

Rascals: Time Will Tell

Often, a band will pass its public prime, but still be creating magnificent music. One example of this is The Rascals. Originally known as The Young Rascals, their biggest hit was one of their first, “Good Lovin’“:

By 1970, two of the four original members, Eddie Brigati and Ottawa-born Gene Cornish, had departed, leaving lead singer and principal composer Felix Cavaliere and drummer Dino Danelli to carry on with others. They changed labels, from Atlantic to Columbia, and released two albums, Peaceful World (1971) and The Island of Real (1972). Some people seem to see The Island of Real as I do, being an exceptional album meriting much greater success at the time and much greater popularity now. Somebody has uploaded three songs from the album, including the laidbackjazz “Lament” and a very funky “Time Will Tell”. “Time Will Tell” should have been a hit then, and could still be a hit today, in its original version. Background vocals by Molly Holt and Annie Sutton, the latter of whom continues to perform.

“Time Will Tell” starts at the 5 minute mark of this three song upload, followed by another song, “Lament”, that could have/should have become a jazz standard:

Postscript, August 6, 2011: Molly Holt also continues to perform, as I recently found out. She is primarily a jazz singer now. She is Marlene Holt, performing as Marlena, as may be reviewed here.

Postscript, January 26, 2013: When linking a post from Youtube, one never know how long it might last, since postings come and go, due to copyright claims and otherwise. The original link to the song no longer works, though someone has gone on to post the entire album on Youtube. “Time Will Tell” is at the 34:48 mark. For how long…?

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