Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

Do you have a Kindle? I used to prefer real books until I discovered I could make the print bigger on the Kindle, and that it was easier to read both in lamplight and direct sun. Yesterday I discovered my Kindle is wearing out. The charger connection has become a challenge to power it.

My big fear, of course, is if I get a new Kindle, what happens to my cloud based kindle library. You read on the internet and some people can’t get the books on the new Kindle. Kindle books used to be a deal, but not so much any more.

Today I downloaded a Kindle app for my iPad, plugged in email and password and up came all the books. And the book I was reading yesterday on my Kindle opened in the same place and my under linings and notes were all right there.

I wish they’d had this 20 years ago when my mother, a lifelong reader, couldn’t much anymore because of bad eyesight. She was reduced to TV.

When I get old, as if I’m still awaiting it (ha!), I won’t have the troubles reading my mother had. And reading is so preferable to TV.

I find Kindle to be amazing. You plug in your email and Amazon secret code. You type in what you’re looking for (I use it for work/research reading as well). You read the reviews often including reader reviews and ratings. You click buy and in 2-5 seconds you have the book and are billed on VISA. In my case, you set the type size a bit bigger and every book is automatically altered as it goes on screen. You can underline and make detailed notes. You can get all the under linings or all the notes in sequence separately and get to that place in the book with a click. You can do word or phrase scan to find something particular. Real books, however, are better if you are working with one in detail and have been underlining and writing marginal notes. Sometimes I’ll read a book on Kindle and then buy a paper copy if I really need it in detail. Maybe I won’t need to now I’ve discovered I can use my iPad with the FREE Kindle app.

These days I find I prefer if possible to read on Kindle over a real book. And Amazon knows because the prices of Kindle books have risen to about the same. However yesterday I got a deal. There is an analysis of the reconciliation (Japan vs West) writing of Endo Shusaku that I couldn’t afford when I discovered it years ago and it was selling for >$100. Then it came down to $55 and still too much for me. Yesterday I found it was newly on Kindle for $20 so I got it, saving $35 from ordering the real book. And the book would take weeks to come. With Kindle it took 2 seconds. and I’m well into the 1st chapter.

I suppose if there is nuclear war, or we get hit by a big asteroid, or a giant solar flare (gosh we waste a lot of time thinking up threats to civilization as we know it – we live in a very fearful world – but I’m with Dr. Pangloss on this) the cloud will be wiped out and I’ll lose my library. By then all we’ll have time for is growing vegetables, so it won’t matter.

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