Fred Zwirz

Fred Zwirz, 1932-2006. Nearly making it to 74. Fortunately, a permanent obituary has been maintained. Described as having “worked most of his life in Montreal as a Chartered Accountant and a Lecturer at Concordia University”.

Made an obituary comment:

I worked with Fred at Concordia University during the 1987-1992 period. I found him to be a consistently optimistic person, who approached life’s challenges with a wry humour. He was someone who would use a credit card buy a car while on the road in Western Canada, just because he needed a car, there and then. He was loyal and devoted parent who exchanged the same Christmas card with his son, back and forth, year after year. In his latter years, he remained devoted to the welfare of others, including helping his former academic colleague, Robert Curnew. I last saw Fred in September of 2004, at the funeral of academic colleague Howard Ripstein, and found Fred to be once again ageless–and timeless.

Such a blend at Concordia. Howard Ripstein in the Canadian air force, bombing Germany during World War II. Fred down there somewhere, as a member of the Hitler Youth, as Fred admitted. He was likely referring to the Deutsches Jungvolk, as opposed to the Hitler-Jugend. “It was good for some, not so good for others”, Fred said, with characteristic understatement. No navy undercurrent of evil.

All coming together, over decades. Unlike many other lives.


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