Particular week, where virtue is not convenience

In relation the Easter period, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

It’s Holy Week again. As in the past, the Anglican, United and Roman Catholic Churches in Vancouver are having joint services each morning, Monday through Thursday, one at each church. It’s appropriately called Crosswalk. West Vancouver Presbyterian is out this year (though in through invitation, as in previous years) because the front entrance is under construction. It’s nice to think that, even though we are separate denominations, we are welcome in each others’ buildings, and close enough theologically to participate together.

Each year the Easter story is retold as if it were new – being heard the first time. I wonder why? Is faith contained in repetition? Or is faith reinforced by repetition? Or did they think we forgot? Or do we forget in our actions to/with others though remembering in theory?

One thing I admire about Confucianism is the idea that YOU have to practice virtuous behaviour repetitively in order to become more virtuous. It’s not the same to hear how The Lord was virtuous. It’s YOU who needs to practice, because virtue is not convenience. Virtue is not the shortest path to utility or to user satisfaction. Virtue is often contrary to the values of our materialist and increasingly strident world.

If The Lord is our template, and will forgive us when we fail, hoping that we’ll try again, then practising has a big safety net under it. So maybe we should be practising with each other?

Maybe that’s what we ARE doing. Maybe that’s the idea of church, in addition to worship, our community is our testing ground, and our practice field. We rehearse at church the parts we hope to play in our lives.

Happy Easter. He is risen! At least He will be, by this Sunday morning – again.

Until next year when He will be risen again.

As He is, always, since his resurrection, on the Third Day.

And we who were dead may rise with Him to new life.

More virtuous life, perhaps.


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