So when one questions the concept of an Islamic state…

…end up thinking of Good Friday, and why it is a compulsory holiday. Same with Easter Sunday. Remembering the Easter-Passover blend, and the employer at the time saying go if you really believe, but otherwise…

When a particular religion frames any pluralistic state protocol…


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One Response to So when one questions the concept of an Islamic state…

  1. It wouldn’t be so hard to design a software system so that each individual employee got the days off for his or her particular religions. As a Christian, I would get Christmas and Easter. If you are Jewish, Muslim, Zoroastrian, or whatever, why should you not get your own Holy Days? Why should you have to only have Christian holidays? Computerization and flexible work hours would make this quite possible.

    When would the atheists get theirs? Do they have Holy Days? Perhaps, in protest, they would want to work right through, with no equivalent holidays. I doubt it!?

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