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Rough Trade

Come into my cage Certain edge in Rough Trade. Didn’t understand why they folded in 1986: Glad they came back, in some form, as of 2013:

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Bell Curve of Enlightenment

In relation to “Texas A&M prof gets fed up with misbehaving students who ‘lack honour and maturity’ and fails the entire class“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): I still stand with Gandhi, who said “the means … Continue reading

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Forslack and Forless

Being the title to a 1974 poem by William Hawkins, contained in an advance copy of The Collected Poems of William Hawkins (edited by Cameron Anstee), Chaudière Books, 2015 (formal publication date May 15): I ran like water, as river … Continue reading

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Lake (band)

Lake. Seemed to have such powerful vocals at the time: Still having it, a few years ago:

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She appointed the guardians to her will, with the explicit condition that the guardians must agree that her children were never to go to Pakistan, her country of origin, until they were at least sixteen. His wife died young and … Continue reading

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Comes Out

Colleague had an idea about a current direction in the law. Was wondering if certain superior court decisions, developing a particular line, had been necessary at all, given existing jurisprudential approaches available to address the issue. Talked to him about … Continue reading

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Southern Saskatchewan: Cancel The Curvature

In relation to “Les Fransaskois“, Neil Remington Abramson commented on southern Saskatchewan, as follows (reproduced with permission): The land is as flat as a billiard table. The horizon is a thin straight line, separating land and sky. Telephone poles rear … Continue reading

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Kick Out The Jams II

Let me up on the stand And let me kick out the jams Wrote about MC5 and “Kick Out the Jams”. Creating this classic. Live (1969?) Live, 1972: The Meatmen, 1983: Nice clean cover by Monster Magnet from the Varsity … Continue reading

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Economic Measure, Cycle

In terms of some trying to develop an economic measure of happiness, and finding people in Vancouver particularly unhappy, a particular city phenomenon that is more commonly acknowledged, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follow (reproduced with permission) We have an … Continue reading

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Rascals Ghost

The Rascals seem to be prone to ongoing internecine warfare. For years, there seemed to be conflicts over what could be the “official” Rascals website, so there was none. Then they reunited in late 2012, for the first time in … Continue reading

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