In relation to the rapid descent of Billy Cowsill, and his rehabilitation, through the help of Neil MacGonigill, among others:

He’s credited with being the man who saved veteran rock ‘n’ roller Billy Cowsill, who had literally descended from global pop star fame in the ’60s to lying drunk in a Northwest Territories ditch, where MacGonigill found him in the mid-’70s. Thanks to MacGonigill’s help, the late Cowsill went on to further his musical pedigree for decades to come.

Similar to legendary musician Bob Mosley, homeless for five years:

In 1996, Peter Lewis picked me up along the side of a San Diego freeway where I was living, to tell me a ruling by San Francisco Judge Garcia gave Moby Grape their name back. I was ready to go to work again.

Similar to pulling someone out of a snow bank, before he won’t be able to get up again.

When the lift becomes life-saving, if not life-changing…

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