Professional II

In relation to “Professional“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

The “profession” piece is interesting. Perhaps it explains my “mystique” as a tenure and promotion advisor – a bureaucratic version of an advocate for the defendant; an intrapreneur accredited by Faculty Association and Administration.

I’ve been doing the job, as it turns out, for about 13 years. It is an additional role to my employment as a business professor. And the people I represent often, usually or generally win. Though not always.

The role is crucial for anyone finding themselves feeling mauled in the jaws of the system and facing career limitations (denial of promotion) or the end of their career (denial of tenure) at my university. And I suppose the mystique is the record and the experience one develops.

Truthfully, it is a ministry for me; a way to express faith and hope in the action we define as love. I was once the victim. Now I help others avoid victimization, or help them survive it. When I no longer have this role, my replacement will be a victim I helped to save himself.

For me, its the best job I do at work. It is a chance to put Christian values into action, to make a real and immediate difference.

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