Ting Ting Tam II

Wrote previously about the Tam case, including a link to Chinese media. Here is the text:

华裔女子带肉入关被罚800 控歧视败诉 [复制链接]


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许多华裔移民从原居地返回加拿大时都会携带当地特产,包括海关明文禁止的肉类或农产品。华裔女子谭婷婷(音译,Ting Ting Tam)2012年11月7日从中国返回加拿大时,在渥太华机场被查获携带猪肉制品。



结果在第二阶段检查(secondary examination)时,官员从她的行李中发现在中国购买的多种猪肉制品。于是加拿大边境服务署(CBSA)对其开出告发单(Notice of Violation),并罚款800元。





且官员在执行勤务时,根本不可能完全排除受过往经验的影响,因此法官认定“农业申诉庭”的裁决有误,撤销原裁定,退回农业申诉庭重审。 (来自世界日报)

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其实,我一直很难理解,为什么要带肉制品…[哼] 还有人询问我,需不需要从国内带枕头、被子到国外…其实,真的没什么必要,除非它们对你有纪念意义。


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One of my students wrote to explain what was being said:

I would like to respond to your request on the nuances of the Chinese media coverage regarding the Ting Ting Tam case. I read through the Chinese forum posting that you have linked in your blog. The writing style is quite neutral. The posting summarizes the situation and acknowledges the fact that Chinese nationals tend to bring back to Canada local specialties, including the forbidden meat and food products. It then states that if Ting Ting Tam is not liable for the fine, it is obvious that a hole now exists in the inspection defense. Thus the border agency is seeking a second look at the situation.

As this was posted on a forum, there were some comments that followed. One individual said that he finds it hard to understand why people are tempted to try to bring food products across borders as they have no sentimental value. Another said: she knew it was wrong and she did it anyway, she deserved to be punished. The article itself is written quite neutrally, probably because it came from World Journal, a Chinese overseas publication.

The World Journal link is here.

My student commented further, as follows:

The World Journal article is identical to the one posted in the forum. The only difference is that World Journal uses traditional script while the forum converted it to simplified script.

Interestingly, after I’ve done a search on the article, I’ve discovered it was reblogged many times in different forums. In particular it was on a Chinese Canadian expat forum named 51. After a quick look at the comments there, the responses were quite varied with some expressing similar sentiment to the responses that I’ve translated. However, there were some sentiments that were much more polarized toward the other extreme. There are individuals that agree that profiling for inspection, such as for people of Asian decent are often questioned about farm products, meat products and precious metals, whereas for Latinos, they are inspected for illegal drugs. Some people also say that there should be nothing wrong with bringing food across the borders and that the government is trying to make too much of an issue.

There is in particular one comment that is quite interesting to me. This person says, Ting Ting’s case is too tenuous. If they (border inspections) only check Chinese people, but didn’t find any problems, then that is racism. If clearly they see that there is a problem, but because you are Chinese and do not inspect you, then that is a symptom of lax enforcement.

Hopefully this is helpful!


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