Thanks, everybody

Have previously written about how the criminal defence counsel in the law firm deal with the pressures and unpredictability associated with practising that type of law. Plus, when a firm in particularly well-regarded in that domain, demand increases. A lot of collective effort, as represented in this recent email exchange. There is a reason they are all linked by cellphone and cellphone text, all the time:

Lawyer A:

I don’t understand who is dealing with #6 this afternoon? I have two. More matters in #8 at 2:00 and I’m supposed to meet a client around 2:30.

I’m going back to the courthouse now.

Lawyer B:

Today is‎ turning into a shitshow. Can anyone help out. I hope to be free by 3:00

Lawyer A:

I also hope to be free by 3:00

Lawyer C:

I’ll deal with the overnight. Can someone do the show cause?

Lawyer C:

There are a lot of overnighters, so I won’t have a chance to do everything. Someone needs to help me, too.

Lawyer D:

I’m coming over. Just pulling in from Brockville.

Lawyer B:

Thanks, everybody.

Safety, daily.


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