Anti to Anti II

In relation to “Anti to Anti“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

While I agree with the Prime Minister that you shouldn’t be able to hide your face while swearing to be a good Canadian, I’ve never personally met a Muslim any more offensive than anyone from any other ethnicity or religion.

In fact, most people, in my experience, behave decently if treated with politeness and respect. It’s when you treat people indecently, and then complain when they return the favour, that seems to be the problem.

We are gung ho to protect ourselves from people who may have a legitimate desire to be protected from us. Now their behaviour may be entirely unacceptable and worthy of utter eradication, but I wonder sometimes if we have contributed to the problem. It’s a bit like a vendetta. Who started it, and when? How many decades, or even centuries, does it go back? Who threw the first stone at someone else’s glass house. Was he the blameless one?

Jesus said to turn the other cheek and love your enemies. When they came for him, he did so. I am among those who profess to be his followers, but we rarely even try to do as he recommended. Perhaps we are more his admirers, than his sincere followers. We really like what he said, but who can really do it?


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