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“Of course, now that I am a Presbyterian…”

In relation to “Greatest Hit“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: Of course, now that I am a Presbyterian, I am supposed to argue with Luther that we are already saved by faith. However, it seems to me that God … Continue reading

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In relation to “Share” concerning an incident of generosity between impoverished persons, and research showing that the poor are more giving than the rich, William Hawkins saw a different angle. The email exchange: Bill: True, but it also is true … Continue reading

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In relation to the rapid descent of Billy Cowsill, and his rehabilitation, through the help of Neil MacGonigill, among others: He’s credited with being the man who saved veteran rock ‘n’ roller Billy Cowsill, who had literally descended from global … Continue reading

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Drunk client for one of the criminal defence lawyers. Meet him outside the building, smoking. Me, not him. He asks for one. Give him two, so he has an extra for later. We go into building together. Forgot that he … Continue reading

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“His whole life is dusty.”

Friend commenting on a life trajectory that somehow just doesn’t move consistently upward. Tried to find a related clip, instead came across review of a biography of Dusty Springfield, where the parental lives seem a sideways match: Her father was … Continue reading

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Professional II

In relation to “Professional“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: The “profession” piece is interesting. Perhaps it explains my “mystique” as a tenure and promotion advisor – a bureaucratic version of an advocate for the defendant; an intrapreneur accredited by … Continue reading

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Who Am I This Time?

Who Am I This Time? Film starring Chrisopher Walken and Susan Sarandon. How being on the stage enables one to be a person very different from the essence: Thinking about how teaching is often like theatre, where a particular role … Continue reading

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“He was dragging me to the grave.”

Comment of a friend, in relation to refusing a marriage proposal. Some people believe they see a future quite clearly. Maybe relates to always.

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Same types of people attracted over time to professional accounting. Or so the research says. In a 2011 article,”Personality Traits and Career Satisfaction of Accounting Professionals” by Levy et. al,* the established “Big Five” traits are examined. These are: Agreeableness/Teamwork … Continue reading

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The professional being someone associated with cruciality and mystique. At least according to David C. Burns and William J. Haga, in “Much Ado About Professionalism: A Second Look at Accounting” a 1977 article in The Accounting Review. Type of article … Continue reading

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