Anti to Anti

In terms of anti-Muslim sentiments being the new North American anti-Semitism? While in the Arab world, anti-Semitism seems sometimes institutionalized?

The CBC story:

Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab

The comments to the CBC story involve a fair degree of debate, it seems, in a moderated context. The CBC story was also carried on Yahoo. Much less moderation evident. It’s there that the Slaughterhouse and The Nasty tone comments…


It’s about time someone in authority take a stand.


If someone#$%$ is so important, then they need to go home!


Good for the judge:)


If she does not like or obey the law. She has choices. She can leave this country.


I am interested in closing the borders to immigrants


now that’s ignorant! I would totally support this decision if it were just her eyes that were exposed but this is ludicrous. No different than a Sikh wearing a turban. some are really keen on making a seriously distinct society in Quebec!!!!


How would a Christian with a cross around his neck or a Jew wearing a Kippah be treated in her courts in Kuwait??? Thank our politicians for bringing her here. Anyway hard working Canadians keep paying your taxes so her welfare cheques keep her law breaker son’s car on the road.


Your point about a Christian wearing a cross in Kuwait is a moot point, Steve. This is already a story about religious intolerance IN Canada. So, I guess the Christian would be treated the same as this woman was?


When in Rome do as the Romans do!
Canada is not a muslim country!

You’re right it’s not a Muslim country. But it is a country based on the principles of multiculturalism and freedom. Perhaps you’ve heard of freedom of religion?


Tyler, believe me and take a look around the world today 9 or yesterday) and you can see that we cannot afford to be “multicultural’ or tolerant when it comes to Islam. we have freedom of religion but we DO NOT HAVE freedom of political movements. Nor do we have freedom of cults. Islam is by definition a cult and certainly NOT a religion. if it IS, then it is the ONLY religion that always has and is STILL committing terrible atrocities every day and seeks to inflict it’s intolerance in every part of the world where it’s followers have gone as well as on all those around them.

We aren’t in Kuwait dummy. It’s irrelevant.

@Steve There is a decent size population in Kuwait that is Christian , I even think one of the princess is a Christian. It might go over well with a lot of judges, and maybe some might not like it.
Wabash Cannonball

Boy Tyler-you must be muslim. or pretty blind! Being Muslim is not a religion! It is a dictated way of life initiated by the sicko Mohammed! Multiculturalism and freedom have nothing to do with this issue! It’s called obeying the LAW! Our laws!

In terms of anti-Muslim sentiments being the new North American anti-Semitism?


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