Big Love


So they are even in the dollar store, in more than one location, for Valentine’s Day. Nicely in red, with very fake fur. Guess they are there due to production issues. The disappointment, if not tragedy, of no lockup. Or worse (better?): can’t unlock. Or a production overrun?

Heard about some guy whose first date line is (not was) “All women want to be raped”, as he goes for the throat. Predator, pushing boundaries. Practiced behaviours; expert at abuse. Has to make sure he hasn’t targeted one who is immediately going to call the police.

Didn’t ask how that story ended.

So Fifty Shades of Grey opens just before Valentine’s Day. Similar to 9 1/2 Weeks , it is only the woman who gets tied up. Or so I am told.

What in this world. On the other hand, a number of years ago, on an album that didn’t sell that well, Wilson Pickett had a song, “Lay Me Like You Hate Me”. One of the few songs solely written by Wilson Pickett, and with no thrill intended.



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