Put the dissertation up, and advised a few people of that fact. One of my former students, David Ma, commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

Bruce – very good to hear from you. Did I ever mention that I had ordered a copy of your thesis many, many moons ago? It cost what was for me a not insignificant sum (it wasn’t much, but I was saddled with quite a bit of debt from university), but well worth it. I was very intrigued, as it was something you had mentioned, and I had the greatest respect for you as a professor in undergrad. I should admit that while I did read through it, that was many, many years ago. I think I still have it – came as an unbound photocopy, in a plain cardboard box.

Longer term and situational effects of trying to contribute to knowledge; never ceasing to amaze.


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  1. Isn’€™t that grand!

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