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“You are like a bad product of the earlier industrial age.”

When one wonders about one’s general utility, a friend has what could be an apt description. Creak…

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Anti to Anti

In terms of anti-Muslim sentiments being the new North American anti-Semitism? While in the Arab world, anti-Semitism seems sometimes institutionalized? The CBC story: Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab The comments to the CBC story involve a … Continue reading

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Susan Cavan

She was in the same section as I was in one of the Ontario Bar Admission Course classes, 1977-1978. Back when there were classes at the Ontario Bar Admission Course, thus enabling students from different schools and backgrounds to get … Continue reading

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Paul Jones: Privilege

It’s in order to greet me From the Privilege soundtrack, 1967: Still remembered: Wish the entire soundtrack were up. Postscript, February 25, 2015: Not the first time referenced. As soon as I stumble You take away my privilege

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Ease of Manipulation

Seems that all it takes, in many cases, is someone wanting to be referenced to another by association or approval. When the other, unlike a parent, does not have one’s best interest in mind, but rather his or her own … Continue reading

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Another Chance

Had an academic colleague, with decades of academic experience, who was a semi-functional alcoholic. Would do the lectures drunk, sometimes early in the morning. Before changing ways, knew similar occasions, though limited to evening lectures. Think one is flying when … Continue reading

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Puppet II

In “Stat Puppet“, Neil Remington Abramson concluded as follows: I wonder if puppets would wonder if they had free will? What would they make of the strings? Neil commented further: Saw puppets perform Don Giovanni in Prague: If the strings … Continue reading

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