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“You are like a bad product of the earlier industrial age.”

When one wonders about one’s general utility, a friend has what could be an apt description. Creak…

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Anti to Anti

In terms of anti-Muslim sentiments being the new North American anti-Semitism? While in the Arab world, anti-Semitism seems sometimes institutionalized? The CBC story: Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab The comments to the CBC story involve a … Continue reading

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Susan Cavan

She was in the same section as I was in one of the Ontario Bar Admission Course classes, 1977-1978. Back when there were classes at the Ontario Bar Admission Course, thus enabling students from different schools and backgrounds to get … Continue reading

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Paul Jones: Privilege

It’s in order to greet me From the Privilege soundtrack, 1967: Still remembered: Wish the entire soundtrack were up. Postscript, February 25, 2015: Not the first time referenced. As soon as I stumble You take away my privilege

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Ease of Manipulation

Seems that all it takes, in many cases, is someone wanting to be referenced to another by association or approval. When the other, unlike a parent, does not have one’s best interest in mind, but rather his or her own … Continue reading

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Another Chance

Had an academic colleague, with decades of academic experience, who was a semi-functional alcoholic. Would do the lectures drunk, sometimes early in the morning. Before changing ways, knew similar occasions, though limited to evening lectures. Think one is flying when … Continue reading

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Puppet II

In “Stat Puppet“, Neil Remington Abramson concluded as follows: I wonder if puppets would wonder if they had free will? What would they make of the strings? Neil commented further: Saw puppets perform Don Giovanni in Prague: If the strings … Continue reading

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Sons of Champlin: Hold On

Nothing we can do But see it through Have previously written about Bill Champlin and the Sons of Champlin. Much optimistic funk.

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Cat passed quick jerk cancer wrapped up in towel now try to bury tomorrow get through permafrost should have known with thin even with appetite suddenly all crashing should have seen looking for place to pass around the house same … Continue reading

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Stat Puppet

Wrote to Neil Remington Abramson, concerning some quotes discovered when reformatting the dissertation: …statistics appears to enjoy a unique status comparable to having one’s head shaved and one’s clothes burned. Schein (undated; contained in Kolb, Rubin and McIntyre, l979, 12) … Continue reading

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