Running in the family

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

My mother’s life was shortened by the medical system. She fell down a couple of steps taking out the trash in the dark, breaking her ankle. It was diagnosed as a sprain and she spent a week in bed. It didn’t get better so she got to the doctor, was re diagnosed, and sent to hospital for an operation. She died suddenly of blood clots the day after the hospital called my stepdad to say it wasn’t serious – no need to come.

They hadn’t given her blood thinners, even though her mother died of the same ailment and I almost did as well, six years later. I guess she forgot to tell them, or it didn’t register. Maybe it took the third instance, my own, to see that it ran in the family, as medical research now finds.

My grandmother died at 93 and, once again, it was the blood clots that killed her. She was very frugal. She hung in there on a respirator till her hospital insurance expired, and then died.

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