So what was this life

Though I know
I’ll never lose affection

Speaking to colleague, whose parents are 65 and 63. Younger mother still with doubts as to whether it all made any sense.

Spoke about the reasonable ride. How, since one can’t count on eighty, or sixty, it is so important to have some sense that it was worthwhile and, on balance, positive.

How, when going to visit clients in retirement homes, encounter so much sense of bitterness over lost opportunities. Generally not from my clients, but from the people around them. Guess they don’t call me.

Both parents passing with some sense of accomplishment, some sense of peace. Less so with mother, who wanted to live past 68, but where cancer dictated otherwise. Father, with failing heart at 73, having some sense of it being reasonable and positive. Last words, before he was killed: “Don’t smoke.” Didn’t follow.

Could be love, though it is more than love:


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