“If his love ruins me, it’s a crime of passion.”

Friend describing relationship with current boyfriend, involving unspecified “anger issues”.

Wonder what that term means. What is considered to be the “top definition” from the Urban Dictionary:

Anger issues

When a guy gets really upset at small things, which generally lead to the shouting of an extended flow of curse words. Such is my problem. Plus it’s a lot easier than “hulking up”

And from the psychguides site:

What Are the Types of Anger Disorders?

Individuals who have trouble controlling anger or who experience anger outside of a normal emotional scope can present with different types of anger disorders. Different experts have published contradicting lists of anger types, but some widely accepted forms of anger include:

Chronic anger, which is prolonged, can impact the immune system and be the cause of other mental disorders

Passive anger, which doesn’t always come across as anger and can be difficult to identify

Overwhelmed anger, which is caused by life demands that are too much for an individual to cope with

Self-inflicted anger, which is directed toward the self and may be caused by feelings of guilt

Judgmental anger, which is directed toward others and may come with feelings of resentment

Volatile anger, which involves sometimes-spontaneous bouts of excessive or violent anger

Sheesh. Thought it was just a bad mood.

Crime of personality? On the other hand, coming from someone with at one time (one time?) an explosive personality disorder, without much feeling of passion…


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