Saw oneself as would not be

Taking plane Ottawa-Toronto return, in relation to Tribunal hearing. To and from Toronto Pearson. Total travel time each way being roughly five or so hours. Most of it waiting time, clearance time, time time. All these waiting lines. Waiting for that carousel.

Remember a time when one could rush to the airport, without prebooking or ticket, and be on the plane within half an hour or so. Remember when Pearson was so simple. Now it is this architectural marvel, that is substantially less functional, and bordering at points on the non-functional. The walking, walking walking from airport to rental cars. This short train to the other terminal. So big, so slow and…

Ended up not respecting myself both to and from, in terms of having ended up like this, and not being in a position to readily walk away.

Seems regrettable that it is more efficient to take the bus, train or car to get to and from Toronto. Used to be that that was the view of taking a plane between Ottawa and Montreal.

Can’t book myself. Not permitted.

Ended up booked on the wrong plane back. No other seats on other flights, except business class. Extra $70 gets you a hot cloth and a biscotti. No place to do any business.

Ended up booked into the wrong hotel. Fading structure on the wrong side of town. Place where some guy will show up at midnight, no luggage, no identification, wanting to pay cash. Not me; he was next in line.

Place where one can still smoke, if one can get one of the roughside rooms along one hallway. Ended up with one, beside the abandoned room with the door split in two.

Will request that this hotel be booked specifically, the next time. After the plane experience, to and from, it is what I deserve.

Though next time, will take the bus.


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