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Reading the Embassy newspaper of January 28, 2015. Find summary of current parliamentary committee activities. So much work that seems more newsworthy than news interest accorded. Such as: International human rights Chair: Scott Reid (CPC) Vice chairs: Wayne Marston (NDP), … Continue reading

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Source of the image

Wanted to get the doctoral dissertation up, again. Had been up on a University of Ottawa server that was taken down, so every time the dissertation referenced, no longer accessible. So started a related site. Needed an image. Came up … Continue reading

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Iggy Pop: I’m Bored

I am sick I’m sick of all my kicks I’m sick of all the stiffs I’m sick of all the dips I’m the Chairman of The Bored I bore myself to sleep at night I bore myself in broad daylight … Continue reading

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“You are like the little clown, who jumps out to try to be the leading drama actor, and ruins my drama.”

My, my, how the lines keep coming. A friend who clearly is at ease with the stage. Or writing scripts. Of life.

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Running in the family

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): My mother’s life was shortened by the medical system. She fell down a couple of steps taking out the trash in the dark, breaking her ankle. It was diagnosed as a … Continue reading

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Target Glum

Some comments about Target closure in Canada here and here. Went into a Target to see if much had changed, or at least some sort of customer movement in terms of liquidations. Only sign of any change was the closure … Continue reading

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“You cannot think, and you don’t remember. That’s why your blog is some damn YouTube collection.”

During some “blunt discourse” with a friend, in relation to what gets put down here. Frankness, with respect and a smile. I think. Or as I recollect.

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So what was this life

Though I know I’ll never lose affection Speaking to colleague, whose parents are 65 and 63. Younger mother still with doubts as to whether it all made any sense. Spoke about the reasonable ride. How, since one can’t count on … Continue reading

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John Paul Vann

…as referenced to Bill Paxton movie, A Bright Shining Lie (1998): What was this John Paul Vann life…

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I Knew You When

I was your only love Before you came up in the world Billy Joe Royal song, 1965. Written by Joe South. Linda Ronstadt assuming ownership; how she hits it at the end: But someone else could offer more Now I’m … Continue reading

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