Christmas Closure

In terms of the timing.

Maple Leaf Foods announcing sooner than anticipated closure of Winnipeg plant. Kellogg’s also closing in London, just before Christmas. Announcing the closure one year earlier, just before Christmas. Resolute Forest Products does the same in Iroquois Falls–in the latter case, with less than three weeks notice, after being in the community for 100 years.

Timing and image. How about early spring, when easier for people to look for work, and heating costs are past? Social benefits greater than economic savings? More consistent with website images?

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1 Response to Christmas Closure

  1. Some people put efficiency ahead of humanity. According to Carl Jung, that is a bipolar aspect of human personality that people are either the one or the other 50/50. Trouble is that in business, the efficiency people are especially valued. Finance and accounting specialists attract far bigger salaries, and much greater corporate decision-making influence, than human resource management people, who are usually more people0-oriented.

    The sad thing is that the people who cut others’ jobs just before Christmas probably haven’t even thought of the consequences for the workers and their families. It simply isn’t a relevant consideration for those whose decision-making is purely impersonal.

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