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Next Year

So when does this year/this life become next year/next life Mostly a mighty time

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Brian Duffy

Being the photographer who walked away from it in 1979, burning many of his negatives: How so many will put so very much into an art form, and then stop completely. Recall a well-known musician recently pointing to a guitar … Continue reading

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The Purgatory and The Heaven

In relation to “One Line“, Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (reproduced with permission): Purgatory is where we all go to work on our virtuousness after our deaths. In the popular conception, having died, one wakes up in purgatory. … Continue reading

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Beau Brummels: Bradley’s Barn

Beau Brummels, Bradley’s Barn. 1968 album with title referenced to famed Nashville recording studio owned by Owen Bradley. One of the earlier examples of country-rock music. “Turn Around”, to Easy Rider visuals: “Deep Water”: “Cherokee Girl”:

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One Line

From Neil Remington Abramson: The God Who burns away the sin, to reveal whatever gold remains, if any. Much like Father Fitz. One line; just ask. ______________________________________________ Don’t like standing in the snow

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Open Christmas Day

Mary, Joseph and the babe were lucky to find an innkeeper who helped them find a place to stay. He provided hospitality for them. Families and friends should come together at Christmas, and if they want to do that in … Continue reading

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New Possibility II

Wrote about John Fahey last year. Revisit: Not the time for closure, of any sort New possibility

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