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Next Year

So when does this year/this life become next year/next life Mostly a mighty time

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Brian Duffy

Being the photographer who walked away from it in 1979, burning many of his negatives: How so many will put so very much into an art form, and then stop completely. Recall a well-known musician recently pointing to a guitar … Continue reading

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The Purgatory and The Heaven

In relation to “One Line“, Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (reproduced with permission): Purgatory is where we all go to work on our virtuousness after our deaths. In the popular conception, having died, one wakes up in purgatory. … Continue reading

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Beau Brummels: Bradley’s Barn

Beau Brummels, Bradley’s Barn. 1968 album with title referenced to famed Nashville recording studio owned by Owen Bradley. One of the earlier examples of country-rock music. “Turn Around”, to Easy Rider visuals: “Deep Water”: “Cherokee Girl”:

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One Line

From Neil Remington Abramson: The God Who burns away the sin, to reveal whatever gold remains, if any. Much like Father Fitz. One line; just ask. ______________________________________________ Don’t like standing in the snow

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Open Christmas Day

Mary, Joseph and the babe were lucky to find an innkeeper who helped them find a place to stay. He provided hospitality for them. Families and friends should come together at Christmas, and if they want to do that in … Continue reading

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New Possibility II

Wrote about John Fahey last year. Revisit: Not the time for closure, of any sort New possibility

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Christmas Closure

In terms of the timing. Maple Leaf Foods announcing sooner than anticipated closure of Winnipeg plant. Kellogg’s also closing in London, just before Christmas. Announcing the closure one year earlier, just before Christmas. Resolute Forest Products does the same in … Continue reading

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Hijab Christmas

In the long line to see Santa, with my younger daughter, once again. A cycle that will not end, until one of us passes. We normally try to see this particular Santa at least twice during the season, once for … Continue reading

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Women There

Finally read a book purchased a number of years ago: Women of the Beat Generation: The Writers, Artists and Muses at the Heart of a Revolution (edited by Brenda Knight, 1996; reprinted 2000). The book has been well reviewed, and … Continue reading

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