Murder Recall

William Remington, 1917-1954 Source:

William Remington, 1917-1954

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

This morning, sixty years ago, my father, William Walter Remington, was attacked and murdered in prison, though he clung to life for the weekend. I wonder how many countless people have had their lives destroyed by senseless acts of idealism, ridding the world of some perceived evil. My father’s murderers were “bumping off” a Communist, in their minds. Whether he was or not was never proven. Still, they thought they were doing “good”, I suppose.

Mencius believed that when the rulers were not virtuous, virtuous people had the right to overthrow them to reestablish benevolence, righteousness, and fidelity. My father believed the American government to be corrupt and joined, in some form or another, those who came to be regarded as its enemies. More misplaced idealism, I suppose.

But without idealism, how will their be either justice or mercy? Even Christ was murdered to keep things the way they were.

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1 Response to Murder Recall

  1. Allen Aicken says:

    A wholesome observation, Neil. For me, the only part that requires further discussion is the “overthrow” of Mencius. How shall one overthrow? By violence and war? That would be a co-opting of the enemy’s tactics, to no other end than the repeating of history. If, however, one is deeply creative, imaginative, non-violent and hard-working in the motivation and tactics of overthrow, then the opportunity for justice lifts its head above the trench…frequently effectively. In the case of your father, that would have been a long and laborious task, I grant you, but such is the task, then, now and always.

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