Club Darkness

Friend told me about a recent club setup, with chill. She is at club with regular friend; not yet longer-term, committed couple, but getting there. Dancing in a manner that clearly shows they are not strangers to each other.

She goes to washroom. Companion waits around. Stranger suddenly comes up to him, saying “I know her. She comes here every night to pick up guys.” In fact, she has been there twice before, once with the companion.

When she gets back, her companion tells her it is time to leave.

Fortunately, the companion decided to leave with his date. The intended setup? Get him angry enough at her supposed “looseness”, so that he storms out of the place. When she emerges from the washroom, he is gone. The predator stranger appears, telling her that her friend has left with someone else. She becomes upset, without a ride out of the club, and the predator stranger offers corrupt assistance. All in front of his two friends, who are watching the setup, and hoping to get in on the dividends.

Definitely no Left Banke time here:

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