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Marrat al-Numaan II

Wrote about Marrat al-Numaan. In terms of what is left, the minaret is (or was, as of 2013) still standing, plus maybe 3,000 of an earlier population of some 60,000:

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Marrat al-Numaan

Found this short Reuters article in a Metro page one time set aside (Metro, Thursday, June 6, 2011: 8): Troops push north Thousands of Syrians fled the historic town of Marrat al-Numaan on Wednesday to escape troops and tanks pushing … Continue reading

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Maybe saw, didn’t see

Wrote about the death of an aunt here and here. Told by my mother, throughout my life, that it was alcohol-related and class-based. A later take on the class issue, by other family members, with other facts, and other conclusions. … Continue reading

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Robin Williams, David Crosby

Very sharp, intelligent wit, partly from a shared drug zone. Interview, part 1: Talking about organ donation… Interview, part 2: Crosby: “The simile is so apt.” Discussions of advances in communication through the internet; Williams speaking of Gutenberg and changes … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Religious Wars

There aren’t any, it would appear. With things referenced to the Great Spirit and what one sees in same every day, though nature, there seems to be this direct, daily connection that is largely peaceful, comforting and supportive. What concept … Continue reading

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Looking for a positive image. Found it, above. Image linked to an article with related theme, but no image to be found. Theme of “Believe in Good”: It is hard to “believe in good” these days. We live in a … Continue reading

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Replanting Considerations, Predestined

Blended some sentiments from a couple of friends on a similar page, as follows (reproduced with permission of both): We are a long way from good. We are morally bankrupt hypocrites who preach a corrupt gospel without even being aware … Continue reading

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Came across this earlier unpublished comment from Neil Remington Abramson that seems to continue to resonate: Standing against the mores of one’s time and place is rarely a good idea. It’s the stuff of tragedy. Now, how to apply…

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Give me, give me A chance to be near you Because I love you Mike Smith (1943-2008), in 2003, shortly before his accident left him effectively a quadriplegic: Lip-synced: Original: Nice solo instrumental cover by Pete Miserendino : It’s right … Continue reading

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Lockdown Concentration

So the law firm building is locked down and the news and more news. One tries to focus, if only to defy something not yet known, or understood.

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