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You felt like a feather I don’t belong here I want a perfect soul So very special Wish I was special

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When you gonna call

When you gonna call I think it’s worth the time Another Eddie Money song that captures the essence of relationship: From his Can’t Hold Back album (1986). Co-written by John Cesario, Michele Collyer and Steve Mullen. Here I am Standing … Continue reading

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Foikin Foik

Overheard a legal colleague using the F-word, in discussing a particularly frustrating case. Used it again. And again. First time I had heard her curse, in any form. Use the F-word far too often, and find that, when used, it … Continue reading

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Xhemail Mustafa

Came across this 2000 Toronto Star article: Outspoken Kosovo activist gunned down in stairwell R. Jeffrey Smith Special to The Star November 24, 2000 PRISTINA, Yugoslavia–Xhemail Mustafa had long been an outspoken advocate in Kosovo of non-violent dissent… As he … Continue reading

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Econoline Crush: Psychotic

Looking for attention Coming back with pain Econoline Crush. Band that seemed to have something that would last much longer. From the album Ignite (2008): Take all you can Til nothing is left

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Simple, But More Complex

From Mike Antich, “Multiple Airbags & Electronics Increase Repair Costs“, Automotive Fleet, September, 2006: Three years ago, a car with $10,000 in damage would today, involved in the same accident, most likely have $12,000 to $14,000 damage because of the … Continue reading

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In the blurred light. Out of the light. Have seen her for years, day and night, head down and back bent, picking up litter. Not looking up or around. Focus on the bits of sidewalk, and the bits on the … Continue reading

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