Respite, Refuge

View from Texada Island, British ColumbiaPhoto by Neil Remington Abramson

View from Texada Island, British Columbia
Photo by Neil Remington Abramson

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission):

We are at our cottage on Texada Island. The unending world crises seem remote here. It’s as if the world takes a break. We press a circumstantial “pause” button, and the pictures and warning commentaries cease, for the moment.

When we get back to Vancouver, the traffic and the beating drums of the news will resume. All the crises we left will be as if nothing had changed in our absence: Gaza, ISIS, Ferguson.

As if they had waited for us to return.

Out here, the world has a different heartbeat. The gulls cry. The tides gurgle in and out. You can see the stars at night. The water is cold, but swimmable, and the sun dries you off. The drumbeat of fear and moral outrage that illuminates our civilization is so muted that it recedes from consciousness.

And I find that I don’t miss it much.

Postscript, August 23, 2014:

Daylight Texada, courtesy of Neil Remington Abramson:



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