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Novel Father

Neil Remington Abramson has started a novel about the life of his father, William Walter Remington, murdered in prison at the age of 37, when Neil was barely a year old. Neil has reflected on his father’s circumstances on a … Continue reading

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Devil’s Anvil

Devil’s Anvil. One album, 1967. John Berberian cover: Don’t understand the song and don’t quite get the cover. Still, something particularly innovative in west-east fusion, at that particular time. Lead singer Kareem Issaq had another release, or a repackaged release: … Continue reading

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If U.S. air strikes can’t wipe out Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons, what can they achieve? Washington’s rationale for resorting to force, should diplomacy fail, is that Iraq is a “threat to its neighbours” because it continues to develop banned … Continue reading

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Jimmy Giuffre

Opening sequence to Jazz on a Summer’s Day, a film about the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival: Jimmy Giuffre on sax, with Bob Brookmeyer on trombone and Jim Hall on guitar. Piece is “The Train and The River”. Original studio version, … Continue reading

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Sometimes a line, or two…

…says more than a book. Came across a couple like that: I write plays because writing dialogue is the only respectable way of contradicting yourself. Tom Stoppard, as quoted by Keith Garebian in “A lifetime of roles”. Review of Ira … Continue reading

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Jane Vasey

Out of the blue, a friend sent me a link to Jane Vasey, as follows: Here’s one for you… She was sadly taken far too soon. Agreed. Dead from leukemia at 32 or 33. Dead for 32 years now. Found … Continue reading

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(Un)likely News

Have written about arrest, trial and acquittal, 1969. Also referenced the fact that, to the best of recollection, it was news in the third page of the Ottawa Citizen. There is a link to it being on page 52 of … Continue reading

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