My Own Wost Enemy II

Wrote about My Own Worst Enemy. Television series starring Christian Slater that lasted for nine shows, in the fall of 2008. Not given even a full season to develop. The cancellation announced after the airing of the fourth episode.

An initial take was quite positive:

The real fun comes from watching Slater’s sly performance. Blending elements of Memento‘s “who the hell am I?” amnesia theme with the middle-class spy humor of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the actor presents a relatively subtle take on sexy killer Edward Albright, the agent who speaks 13 languages, drives a fast car and lives in a spartan loft stuffed with high-tech weaponry.

When a hiccup in the system makes Slater’s two selves aware of each other, Edward suddenly has to navigate the wife-and-two-kids routine belonging to his alter ego, Henry Spivey.

Another reviewer commented:

I really enjoyed it and I found it well written. It intertwined an evolving storyline over a number of episodes that was interlaced with good, old fashioned drama, character tension and one heck of an underlying humor theme between the two personalities the Slater played.

Apparently the complicated theme was too much for viewers – as the ratings were just plain trash from day one and NBC has canceled the show.

It also featured a young Taylor Lautner, so one would think it would find attraction in a later replay of what was produced.

All too easy to end.


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