Ohel Jakob Synagogue, Munich
Photo by Louis Davidson

From a 2006 story about the newly-built synagogue in central Munich:

New synagogue a symbol of “hope”

Robert Boyes, The Times, London
via Ottawa Citizen, November 10, 2006: A6

A huge new synagogue, Europe’s largest Jewish centre, was opened in the heart of Munich yesterday, to mark the 68th anniversary of Kristallnacht–or Night of Broken Glass, when Nazis went on an anti-Semitic rampage across Germany…

“This building shows that we Jews are again part of German society,” said Charlotte Knobloch, the leader of Germany’s Jewish community.

She choked back tears as she recalled how, as a frightened six year-old, she had clutched her father’s hand and run past burning Jewish shops in Munich on November 9, 1938.

“Now I have just handed the key to this new synagogue to a child who is the same age as I was on that night,” she said. “The circle has been closed.”

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