First report of new Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk, released in December, 2013. With respect to private elementary and secondary schools in Ontario, her findings are as follows, in part:

Ontario has one of the least regulated private school sectors in Canada. Consequently, on its website, the Ministry cautions parents to exercise due diligence before entering into a contract to educate their children at a private school. The Ministry provides very little oversight to ensure that private school students are receiving satisfactory instruction. In fact, although private school results vary greatly, we found that public school students on average performed significantly better on standardized tests than private school students. In addition, although the Ministry inspects the standard of instruction at the 408 private schools that offer high school diploma credits, at 100 of these schools it noted significant concerns, many of which related to credit integrity, meaning whether a student actually earns the credits granted toward his or her grade 12 diploma. For the 605 elementary and noncredit-granting secondary schools, education officers perform a brief visit to new schools, but there is no process in place to ever visit these schools again.

My emphasis. Concerns about course credit integrity in roughly 25% of the private secondary schools in Ontario.

What standardized tests…

Thought there was extensive monitoring, given the importance of ensuring comparable and verifiable academic achievement, across institutions.

On the other hand, since home-schooling is permitted…

Something disturbing here. If a private school is established primarily with reference to a particular philosophy, life agenda or religion, and then monitored minimally…

Given that private schools save the general taxpayer so much money, since such schools receive no public funding in Ontario, it would seem reasonable that some of those savings be dedicated to far greater monitoring efforts.

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