Disabled Baby Hatch: 700,000

CTV news story by Janice Mackey Frayer about disabled children being abandoned to orphanages in China. An estimated 700,000. Most orphanages now with disabled male and female children, whereas previously mostly abandoned females, healthy or otherwise.

Argument that at least the state wants to ensure that disabled children are cared for. Problem is that the state doesn’t provide assistance to care for such children with their families.

Plus, disturbing dimension that if you give up your disabled child, you are permitted to have another, under the one child policy. No apparent thought that the same challenges can happen more than once. No value attributed to caring for a disabled child as one’s only child.

Still, compared to other countries, there is at least state support. Though support for exclusion, marginalization, as well. However, also protected from trafficking and abuse, since informal adoption of abandoned children is prohibited, despite…

China’s chronically underfunded state orphanage system has been unable to adequately provide shelter for many of the children who have been abandoned, and such services have often been left to private citizens with few resources and no legal authority. In January, the issue was highlighted when a fire at an illegally run orphanage killed six children and one young adult.

Zhou Xiaozheng of Renmin University’s School of Society and Population Studies said nearly 200,000 babies were estimated to be abandoned in China each year, mostly girls whose parents wanted to try again for a boy.

Uncredited, Associated Press, “China bans private adoptions of abandoned infants“, June 18, 2013

So 200,000 per year…700,000 in care…basis of estimates…

Chinese television, via CCTV, demonstrates a sensitivity, with hopefully not much that is propagandistic, though what could one know:

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