Phys Ed Primary

Leading up to acquittal, wanted to get out of high school quickly. Tired of being a focus of that particular attention. At the time, there was Grade 13. Had taken an extra course or so in Grade 11, so was already slightly ahead in Grade 12. Wanted to complete Grades 12 and 13 in one year. Obtained permission to load up the courses. Maybe the principal agreed that it was best to get out of there quickly.

Conflict between one of the weekly Physical Education classes and a Grade 13 Math class. Asked if I could miss the Phys Ed. Refused. Phys Ed. being the priority, considered pivotal to overall success.

Had to make up for the missed Math class. Did so. Obtained Grade 12 and Grade 13 diplomas in same year.

When they speak about the poor physical state of high school students

Postscript, June 6, 2014: Just found out that only Manitoba currently has compulsory physical education classes throughout high school. Many high schools have no full-time staff member who is a specialist in health and physical education.

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